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   The Tapestry of Grace: Crafted by The Divine Weaver
Annotated with Astrological Insights by Philip Comi
A Memoir by Lorraine Miller

“A Bridge from the Mundane to the Magical!”

The Tapestry of Grace: Crafted by The Divine Weaver relates events of an ordinary life and gives it meaning and purpose.

Lorraine Miller weaves a multi-colored tapestry of her quest to true self, an inward and outward journey both heartbreaking and inspiring with startling revelations and quantum-consciousness experiences. 

Part One recounts childhood tragedies and unexplained past-life memories while growing up on Long Island, New York. A past-life encounter while traveling in Greece continues the process of accepting new realities. Moving across country to Arizona, a near-death accident shortly after her move and later the near-loss of her only child followed by his miraculous recovery leads to greater awareness of higher spiritual forces. 

Part Two tells of her quest for self-empowerment and healing through metaphysical studies and alternative therapies as she breaks away from the past and an unhappy marriage. Her life-long affinity with the animal kingdom through insightful stories shows how animals play an important role in our evolution and how we help them to evolve as well. Annotated with astrological insights by renowned astrologer, Philip Comi, he gives validation to the energies of life events as she experienced them.

Many people lack hope for a happy future and suffer from a desperate need for acceptance, love, and healing—which ultimately comes from within. This book is timely and can help others learn how to navigate these confusing times.

~ A sampling of Reviews ~

“With simple wisdom, she presents a charming simile that will open the eyes of readers to the details of the world with many profound ideas…”  – Midwest Book Reviews

“…a book that will cause you to reflect on your own life experiences in an attempt to determine if there is any deeper meaning to them other than the simple events that they may appear to be on the surface. Miller’s story truly makes you think.”  – Kim Aures for RebeccasReads.com

“This is a book that encourages us to have faith in a higher power and definitely leaves the reader with many thoughts to ponder about God, religion and spirituality. ..a definite must read for those exploring their own spiritual growth.”  – Christine’s Review for Goodreads

“…based on Lorraine Miller’s often startling revelations and quantum-consciousness experiences, and annotated with Astrological Insights by Philip Comi, a must-read for all seeking direction.”  – Richard Fuller, Senior Editor, Metaphysical Reviews

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Have you ever had a feeling or memory which you couldn’t explain with rationale or questioned the validity of a perception because it is not considered “normal” by society’s standards? Were there experiences you never shared with anyone because you were afraid they might judge you as strange or not all there?

This was Lorraine Miller’s reality from childhood. As she relates the events of her life, she shares her journey of trials and tribulations as she struggles to discern between what is real and what is illusion.

“Life is a tapestry of events–each one a small thread–leading to a complete picture. When we begin our journey, we cannot perceive the whole and often lose our vision along the way in the emotions of the moment. My story is one of learning to listen and trust in the Divine Weaver which dwells within each of us. When we allow this superior craftsman to weave the pattern, it will ultimately create a Tapestry of Grace.”   ~ Lorraine Miller ~

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~ To The Divine Weaver, Weaver of Destiny ~

 ~The Goddess Arachne is called upon to help one find their path of Destiny~

“Oh, Arachne, weaving the web of my fate,
cast your eyes upon my tapestry
and lead me to my destiny.
May it be fulfilling and abundant
with love, wealth and joy.”

[From a hand-made candle by Coventry Creations] http://www.coventrycreations.com/

 “The signs of the zodiac are karmic patterns; the planets are the looms; the will is the weaver.” Anon.

For your reading pleasure, challenge your mind with this thought-provoking book!

 The Tapestry of Grace: Crafted by The Divine Weaver
by Lorraine Miller
Pertinent Info:
260 PP, 6 x 9, Issue Date: January 2010
ISBN 978-0-578-02015-0
Cost: $11.97
Divine WebWeaver Publishing, Tucson, AZ

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